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Aircraft Acquisitions

Whether buying or selling, we'll make it easy


Part 135 Certification

Manual writing, consulting, and beyond


Finding Balance

Balance Aviation, LLC will help you find that perfect balance with all aspects of your flight department.

Aircraft Acquisitions

Acquiring a new airplane is an exciting yet complicated endeavor. At Balance Aviation, LLC we work hard so you don't have to. We'll help coordinate every part of the process from the initial inquiry all the way through the final purchase. And we don't stop there. We are available after the purchase and continue our top-notch service long after your aircraft purchase was finalized.


Route Analysis

The route analysis is a very important step in the aircraft selection process. At Balance Aviation, LLC we not only take into account the distance between airports, but also the following key elements:


  • *Runway lengths of intended use

  • *Terrain surrounding each airport

  • *Airport elevation

  • *Any special equipment required

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Pilot Selection

Hiring a pilot is a very important aspect of the aircraft purchasing process.


Let the vast experience of Balance Aviation, LLC find the ideal pilot(s) for your operation.

Calculate Savings

Real Operating Costs

Balance Aviation, LLC will prepare a thorough and inclusive report of the operating costs of several aircraft types in order for you to be fully informed prior to your purchase.

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Aircraft Selection

After the route analysis and the operating costs, Balance Aviation, LLC will help you narrow down your selection to the best aircraft for your missions.


Balance Aviation, LLC will vet each aircraft on the market and provide you with only those that best fit your requirements.


Aircraft Management

Balance Aviation, LLC will guide you through the best management strategy for your aircraft:


  • *Hiring a Part 135 management company

  • *Training your pilots to manage the airplane for you

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Strong Negotiating Power

Balance Aviation, LLC will utilize its extensive negotiating experience in obtaining the best possible deal.

Since Balance Aviation, LLC does not get paid based on a percentage of the final sale price, you can be assured that your purchase price was negotiated to the lowest possible cost.

Part 135 Certification

Whether you're starting a Part 135 flight operation, or simply need Part 135 Manuals, we're here to help. With over a decade of Part 135 certification experience, let us take on all the brunt work and deliver top-notch service.


Part 135 Manuals

Writing manuals for a Part 135 operation can be a very daunting task. Let Balance Aviation, LLC take the weight off your shoulder. We'll create industry-tested Part 135 manuals tailored to your specific operation.

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Whether you're starting a Part 135 flight operation, or going from a Single-pilot to a Standard Part 135 Certificate, let us bring the balance that you're looking for and guide you through the entire process.


General Consulting

Sometimes your needs don't fit in a certain mold. At Balance Aviation, LLC we offer services based on your exact needs. No job is too big or too small!

Finding Balance

Finding balance within your flight department is essential. Whether you own only one airplane, or you have a fleet of ten, balancing your wants, needs, and overall feasibility is one of the most important aspects of a successful flight department. Let the experts at Balance Aviation, LLC help you determine how to find that perfect balance.

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